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Bringing The Innovative & Flavored Edible Cutlery In Cost-Effective Range

About Us

Today trends in every field are dependent upon how feasible, economical, environmental & optimized they are. And, how they reduce the individual workload and provide them benefits over the expenses. So, with a great knowledge & expertise in the food sector, we, at Oriqa Limited, are bringing to you the worlds most unique, advantageous and life changing trend through a wide range of Edible Cutlery. Our purpose is to promote and supply a healthy range of items that are produced through the best quality of grains. Being a manufacturer, we are offering a spectrum of Edible Bowl Sets, Edible Flavored Spoons, Edible Forks, Edible Spoons, Edible Wheat Bowls, Edible Bowls and many other items.

In a short period, our brand name Oriqa Edibles has started gaining acknowledgement and appreciation from all around the country. With all advantageous resources & facilities, we are well set to set a new benchmark in the industry and take our firm to the level of success that it deserves.

Vision & Mission

The Vision is to make Oriqa Edibles an eco-friendly dining the part of every house and daily lifestyles. And, our Mission is to serve for the betterment of cutlery production sector in both economical and environmental ways. To consistently produce a better quality of Edible Forks, Edible Flavored Spoons, Edible Spoons, Edible Bowl Sets, Edible Wheat Bowls and support all initiatives that promote a healthier lifestyle is also our motto.

Management Team

We have established the organization with a team of highly educated and experienced professionals who have great ambitions and enthusiasm to take the business to newer heights.